Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Lunch bunch at the cabin at Cranberry Farms

We thought you might enjoy some of the photos that were taken at the February Lunch Bunch luncheon. Please make sure to submit via email your recipes to Gilberta so that she can post them. One day we will have enough yummy recipes to publish our own Thanksgiving Lunch Bunch Recipe book! Also, if you have anything to share about the luncheon, who was there?? Who brought what?? What was talked about??? or anything that you might like to contribute... please submit that to Gilberta as well. Also, if you have any favorite links to add to the list, submit them to Gilberta. (Your blog or website is great so that we can all get to know you better, what you do and your likes, etc.)


1 lb hamburger 1 Small onion
1 ½ cups rice 2 sm cans of tomato sauce
1 cup water ½ cup ketchup
grated cheese, green pepper optional

Brown hamburger and onion. Add rice, tomato sauce, ketchup and water to the pan. Bring to a boil. Simmer 20-25 min. covered until rice is done. Slice green pepper and put on top along with grated cheese. Serve. May also use to stuff steamed green peppers. May also add can of beans and serve in tortillas with sour cream.

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