Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010 - Luncheon today at Collette Pearsons

Today's luncheon was hosted by Collette Pearson.  She had her tables set in Springtime colors with cute blue, white, yellow, green and other colored plates. She had pretty spring napkins fan folded and tied with a bow.  Very Cute Collette! 

Those who attended besides Collette were Claudia Wicox,  Patty Larsen,  Katie Gauger,  Kay Tanner, Jil Hunt, Sue Sargent, Linda Sheppard, Mary Ross and Friend, Mary's daughter Jen, Linda Tiffany.  I hope that I didn't miss anyone.  There were several wonderful salads, pasta, Quiche Cups, Chips & dip, Cornbread, Fruit, Brownies and pie. 

Those who came had a fun time, but it would be nice if more neighbors would come and dine with us. 

Next months Lunch Bunch group will be hosted by Annie Burt but will be held on Wednesday instead of Thursday.  Look for the reminder Email and we hope that you will come!  P.S.  Katie Gauger will be hosting in April... any takers for the month of March???

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